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    Post Dome of York Ideas

    The dome is such a huge place and I feel its just an empty carcass, I have some idea's which would make things interesting:

    I think the core zone's should have the last remnants of DOY troops and high level mutants who have made a home in the lost sectors. Each ex City Faction HQ could also have a mob, for example FA did some experiments there, we could have a big mutant boss and areas that drops tech parts. Hacking the sector could allow that faction to GR in without SI and perhaps offer supplies etc..

    Doy faction:

    Doy was defeated and everyone fled, but it still stands and there are still soldiers fighting for it's cause, perhaps we could use this to create a DOY faction, its allied to TG, Neutral to the other anti city factions and enemy to all pro city factions.

    We could have the main sector the last safe area for surviving DOY citizens and outside of these guards and mobs which fight each other 24/7.. players could join in the fight or go deeper into DOY, we could have some missions as well for end game.

    We could bring back the DOY apartments and leave the centre zone safe, due to low population DOY citizens should be able to enter NC for trade reasons.

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    Maybe they could use some of the unused mobs like the biogenetic launcher cyclops, abandoned crahn hq could be protected by the standard insane monks with fire apoc and the xmas monks with holy frost.

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    Make the missions for the Doy guns easier and less of a grind and add more of them. Turn DOY into a treasure hunters wet dream. Add new parts to new items also that only drop up there. It wouldn't need to be combat related necessarily but could be furniture or cosmetic items. It could be plans even to weapons and items, blueprints rather.

    Essentially turn it into a giant end game dungeon with elements for both pve and pvp. For lack of a better comparison make it into a zone akin to dalaran in world of warcraft. I wouldn't add vendors etc because I wouldn't want to move the population away from plaza but the city centre should remain safe and have gogu access obviously but beyond that it just needs a whole bunch of mission npcs and some Doy bots protecting the outskirts and then probably triple the amount of items you can earn there.

    I would think the most obvious to begin with would be Doy armour, Doy weapons, Doy implants, Doy bones even. Tailor them all thematically to be akin to the regular bones etc by tl but possibly augment separate stats - switch a resist for a different one for example.

    Now that the balancing is going well surely this stuff will be easier to implement I would hope.

    In addition to that I guess you just need the faction warzone reward. I guess this would be money in the first instance, from the gr fees of all of the people using the gr to go item hunting.
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    I had a little explore around DoY, and it is a really nice area. It's just a pity that noone has a reason to go there anymore apart from exploration or the SWAT weapons. Theres this big-ass area that serves no real purpose. Use it >_<
    It would be interesting if the DoY vehicles and implants were only available there. Quest rewards?
    It would give higher level players a reason to go there and reuse this old location.
    The possibility for strange enemies and that new wave-based battle system thing was added to OZ7 would be cool.
    It'l be even more interesting if the DoY Gogos weren't linked to the NC ones.
    The anti-NC factions are all physically based in NC but have their databases in DoY.
    I dunno what you can do with that without moving them to the NC area. \_(ツ)_/

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    I personally like when the factions were in DOY, but a lot of people complained because it had a semi strange layout, and nobody wanted to learn it, thus it became a ghost town, and a lot of wasted effort. It is sad.. great area.

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    I do agree that the floor plan of the area was a bit unnecessarily convoluted. I got lost many times. Honestly what were they thinking? Its almost as bad as the OZ

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    well, they wanted to have faction sectors, with warzone sectors between them, so it would look so rushed, it would have more depth than just throwing some factions into a place and calling it a day. It was probably extremely hard to model it with that in mind. I know my way around there pretty well, but the time it takes to learn the layout (even when it was a city like NC) wasn't worth the effort it took.

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    I lived in Doy when it was the home of Anti-City Factions , the layout learning comes step by step if you live there but now its just so empty
    would be great to include something in the Old HQs

    -Level Dungeons you have to fight for with Global Notifications when you try to hack them that give you a Exp Bonus when your Clan Holds them

    -Endgame Bosses in the Old HQs that drop maybe new equip or Parts for new equip

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