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    Default Permanent scope bug

    I doubt it could be count as exploit, so I post it here.

    I have two weapons - las rifle that has a scope and raygun that hasn't. I was sniping clops with scoped in lasrifle then suddenly lost connection (synchronising). I pressed Esc and booted to login screen, logged again at the same char. Game resumed, but I was still in scoped mode and switching weapons did nothing - view was still zoomed. Also I couldn't loot bodies.

    -zoom couldn't be switched off by button
    -I didn't try third person view or zoning
    -repaired by itself when restarting the game
    -didn't try to reproduce

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    You also stay in sniper 'scope' mode when you change weapon while zoomed in. You have to change weapon 1 or 2 times to get rid of it.
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