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    Question Fallen Angels should start in Tech Haven again

    Just as the title says.

    CM starts at MB. TG starts at the Canyon. Crahn starts in Outzone. BD and TS start in Pepper Park. Why can't FA start in Tech Haven again? They have unique apartments, cool new blue cabinets, an entire city.

    Also, while I'm at it, could the BD epic apartment get Pepper Park locations instead of the Outzone DoY apartment block? That place is 3 levels deep and far away from everything.
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    Yeah Tech Haven makes a great first impression on new players as well.

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    I agree with both points.. I have 2 or 3 BD apts that go unused, I'd probably use them more if they were in PP. Also, tech haven just makes sense for FA, as stated.. TG are in canyon, CM are in bunker. Would be a nice change.

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