it seems there is something not entirely correct with the balancing of Hacknet Software.

For example the TL100 vs the TL 64 Heal Software.

For Int 100, Hck 175, Dex 100, T-C 146:

TL100: 12.933 Heal (according to dmglog) per tick
TL64: 14.677 Heal (according to dmglog) per tick

As Far as I can see here https://wiki.techhaven.org/Weapon_Skill_Influence_Guide only HCK and T-C are involved
I mean you can squeeze out 24 more points on T-C (unable to test atm) but it seems the TL100 heal becomes maybe just as good as the TL64 heal (and there is a 36TL Gap between them...).

And you cant have more than Hck 175 and T-C 170 because in Hacknet only skill is taken into account.


I've noticed similare behavior with the weapons and the shield but I have to test that more, but currently I can't connect to the PTS