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    I was reading this thread and while we can argue until we are blue in the face if there should be a penalty or not, one thing is abundantly clear.
    I would rather have people stick around and increase the population in our beloved game than leaving because they get constantly killed just for joining a clan with their friends.

    More players bring more players themselves and if even half of those are using LE I honestly can't say I would be bothered. There would be enough to PvP anyway and NC would be, in my opinion, thriving. Even if NC can't compete with newer games graphic wise, it still has something they don't and we need to do what we can to keep new players in.
    Even from a role playing aspect, the LE works without penalties in my opinion.

    The cash and XP penalty can be discussed (although it would not bother me at least if that is gone as well), but the most important one is the ability to join a clan.

    So here's one vote to removing the LE penalties.

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    Hell is there even Enough Hardcore PvPers who are that demanding anymore anyways? The Negative effects are annoying and tbh even the old methods are now considered archaic. Remove the negative effects, Allow newbie Clans (Yes I said it) and Consider someday implementing a method of allowing people to get a LE in again with long work / effort via PvE Methods.

    I know some people will hate this but what if these changes overtime bring in 500 players I know we need to do more then that but say it brought in 500. out that 500 over time maybe 200 of them take their LE out for PvP and PvP Clans, etc. That is a big deal and would increase both the PvP and PvE Populations.

    Anyways I have to admit I'm older and more of a carebear. Neocron is a unique game and I love it but I also will end up getting a bit bored overtime.

    People will say well that is not this game blah blah. But when you guys had your dedicated PvP Servers and such things went to hell and no one wanted to play. Go figure that maybe PvP direction has been going the wrong way for too many years?

    tlr; Stop fucking up LE players. Make their lives more and enjoyable and start giving reasons for people to go PvP by adding new things to PvP and new enjoyments for PvP people. Don't make it them vs us make it about making both groups happy by offering new content for PvPers more then sitting in between plaza/pepperpark and gaking people who are just enjoying the game.
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    As a reminder for us returning guys that haven't played in years, what are the current LE penalties? Only clan joining, or also XP and creds?

    It's really difficult at this point to understand the actual state of the game because so much of it has flip-flopped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nara View Post
    ...clan joining ... also XP and creds

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    Personally i like the original idea of the LE and the concept of the game as it is (at its core it's PVP).

    But regarding the "restart" i think the option of LE Clans would be a good choice.

    Clans where you have to be LE-implanted to join. Everything else is the Same.
    You still have the XP/Cred Penalty, but it's easier to Level/Farm with your clan in a group.
    And of course no Outpost for LE Clans.

    i remember vaguely that something like this was once discussed
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    i think there is no reason for LE chars not be able to start a clan..

    but there should be locations where LE has no effect.. H_14, Ceres Labs, DoY Tunnels for example.

    If there are limited mobs like the Base Commander there should be competition for the loot.

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