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    This would be a nice concept with the LE !
    I hope they will notice it......

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    And with the SL they could do like this:

    Within NC City Area, except Outzone, if you kill someone u loose massive SL and Copbots will shot (NCPD have Eye on you)...

    Outside city if you kill neutral u loose some Soullight too. Both factions are not in war. But everything red is a free kill.

    No need of LE after /30 any more. Tradeskillers, PVE and RPG players can visit Pepperpark/Viarosso too and enjoy. If someone get killed in this area he got satisfaction, the other one will get punishment from -SL and Copbots.
    PP fights would be high risk, but instead no LE after /30.

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    Pepper Park should never be safe, it's run by Tsunami and Black Dragon, players know the risk of coming here. Copbots dare not venture there.

    Certain districts are supposed to be dangerous, this is one of them. Protect players in major leveling areas fine, but don't spoil this aspect of the game.

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    Most fights are in pepperpark. Those who dont like pvp would never come to Pepperpark, Viarosso and Plaza 2-4, enjoy, drink a beer, go afk little, without LE

    And i dont like LE and savezones! There was a time without Savezones

    But maybe it is all good like it is...

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    Does anyone know the actual percent decrease in XP gain and credits reduction when a runner has a LE in?


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    It raises the higher your rank is. Last time i checked on 45 rank character it was -20% xp and money both, so scales higher on higher rank. Not sure of the cap.

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    I was thinking, why not change the Soullight system into something of a bounty-system instead?

    What if, a bounty was placed on your head for every unlawful kill, ie your SL goes down. This bounty is paid to whoever lands the killing blow on you and you are sent to prison to serve your sentence, which can be reduced or even lifted if you pay a fine (of at least the same amount as the reward to avoid exploiting). Time to serve could be calculated from your level so that it would amount to roughly the time spent earning the same amount of money by legal means. And serving could continue while offline so as not to punish other characters. Just a thought.

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    Yea not sure on a jail term kinda thing, player killing has always been a threat, the concept of having bad guy/good guy scenarios has always been a case, unfortunately Neocron is kinda like a Premier League you have a top 5 or 6 teams, if your not in those 5 or 6 teams it's very hard to reach any decen goal, the only real chance anybody has is finding or creating clans of players that will stick it out no matter what until they join the elite, and rinse and repeat. Unfortunately with an overall small player base that's unlikely.

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    It's pretty steep as you level up. At about */45 it's 25% for xp and 22% for nc.

    I used to poke in p1 and did informal polls. Even at the heyday of NC1, most people that needed pokes were killed by warbots or other high level mobs. They really don't advertise it as much as players that got ganked.

    The big problem with gankers is how they always seem to pop up at the worst possible time and in the most popular zones. I still know a bunch of good leveling areas that are usually pretty quiet and never saw pk'ers. The biggest issue I ran into was running into one on the way to those zones. Back in the day, you would see high level clan players guarding or avenging ganked players. There are not enough players now for that kind of protection.

    I really think that the malus needs to be removed. It was removed before due to excessive pk'ing, and I don't see any reason to keep it right now.
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