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    Exclamation Neocron Evolves Again, Saturday 12th November 2016

    It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the Neocron Support Team I announce our target release date for Neocron’s next evolution. We appreciate the road to this point has been long and winding but as a team we are proud to finally bring you something very special indeed.

    Neocron Evolution 2.3 releases Saturday 12th November 2016.

    Reaching this point has involved the writing and rewriting of thousands of lines of code. Huge chunks of Neocron’s underlying systems have been gutted and entirely reengineered from the ground up.

    Where there was once an unruly and at times haphazard weapon system, now lies a modern and efficient system. Acting as a foundation to be built upon the future the new system is designed with flexibility, growth and agile iteration in mind.
    Shield mechanics have been completely re-implemented, fixing countless bugs and decoupling their behaviours from other systems which had previously limited their application. This also adds flexibility for future extension to the shield system.

    Damage Boost, Parashock, “Leg Shots” and Foreign Cast mechanisms have all been completely rewritten making them flexible, configurable and most importantly – reliable.

    A key part of the rebuild has been to return much loved weapon behaviours and setups to the fore. As a Runner in Neocron Evolution 2.3 you should have more setup choice than ever.

    Finally, the Pegasus Engine, the Neocron Support Team’s evolution of Neocron’s game engine, has received several enhancements enabling positive change now and into the future. A number of graphical and logical features have been implemented, again with a focus on modularity and configurability.

    This is just a taste of the changes awaiting you in Neocron Evolution 2.3 and the work involved to build the biggest Neocron update in over a decade. This also marks our return to more frequent updates going forward. Full patch notes will follow with the launch of Neocron Evolution 2.3.

    In the meantime, point your friends and enemies alike to and get ready to evolve.
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