Balancing being the main focus right now is great, but once the balancing is resolved, I think adding some dynamic contact would be nice.


At the moment each faction is currently allied, neutral or enemy, which is fine... However in the OP war scene, friends often fight friends and some enemies end up being allies to defeat a bigger foe.

If an allied faction attacks another allied factions outpost and takes it over, it would be interesting to see a temporary state of war between the two factions while "mediators" resolve the matter, this would help when allied factions are at war and the fights then spill onto the streets of say Pepper Park, the soul light loss could be averted in such cases for up to an hour or two, or perhaps change the factions to Neutral for a short time so less soul light is lost in street brawls.

LE chips:

I feel LE chips at the moment hinder the game as they are far too lenient. LE chips have no place in a war zone and should automatically stop working so the LE player can be killed. Also they should not work in zones such as Regants, MC5 or high level area's. The LE should only work in low-mid level area's such as the entire NC city area, MB and TH. Perhaps a few small outposts across the wastelands will allow the LE to work across small area's, but the waste lands are supposed to be dangerous, I also feel that some of the anti city factions such as BD, TG and crahn should start with the LE removed.


More missions should be added to help reduce grinding, random NPC's scattered around NC and the waste lands should allow class specific missions which could involve hacking, infiltration or breaking a few faces for monies owed etc.
Rewards such as cool weapons and armour would be nice.

Weapons in general:

Due to current population I feel shop bought weapons should be at better or good quality similar to the Crahn spells.

Anyway keep up the good work