It has been a week since the last fight event. We got 7% on the server, GM support, and even Bifrost, Zoltan, and other GMs participating in fights. I had a great time and we're doing it again.

Next Saturday (one week from today) on September 3rd, same time (10pm UK, 11pm Germany, 5pm EST), we fight for Tristar Uplink!

Why Tristar? Similar to Soliko, the OP only has one entrance. I want the OP to discourage defenders from running outside. Lots of people mentioned fighting at Cycrow next, but my problem with that and many other OPs is there are too many mountains to hide snipers and droners on. Tristar only has one mountain nearby and it's very open, so finding people shouldn't be too hard. Tristar is also fantastic for AoE bombardment with Moonstrikers and vehicles, as you can see almost every corner of the OP from outside of it.

There will be even more recording and live streaming this time around. We all want fights, so tell everyone you know and SHOW UP to fight for Tristar! You have one week to prepare.