The mission is the one that leads you to Pepper Park sec-3, to go to starlet. the thing is you get to the prostitute and have to fight 3 inquisitors to finish that part of the mission, and it seems impossible. starting with a knife, it doesn't look like any damage is done in the health bar percentage, but it still shows 2 damage every time you slash. It doesn't even register the 2 damage adding up as quick as when you use the grenade launcher and do 2% damage in one explosion. Like when the two damage is supposed to add up to the damage done by the grenade launcher's damage counter that shows up in red above their head when you hit them, but the thing is that it doesn't. No percentage could even be done with my knife, no matter how many slashes into one of them. And they don't attack at first when you start hitting them, but when you get them a little bit down on health in the percentage after hitting them all and possibly starlet too with the grenade launcher, they start attacking, and theres no way to beat them with how much damage they do to you, it would have to be several trips back devised to finish them off.