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    Default [T#218]zoning error

    sometimes, I get a frequent problem of getting into the next sector and being stuck in sync to where I can look around but cant move. I have to abort the loading and log back in to get in properly, but the more I went through it, it ended up doing something else. whenever I logged back it, it would throw me back and forth from sector to sector when I just logged back in, and I would be stuck on the synchronizing screen. when I restarted the client, it had me on a frozen sync screen for a few moments then it loaded fine, and I got into the next sector I was headed to without problems, and my mission was still active, but I think it reset it. I was on my way back from the original destination when I was having the problems, and by the time I got back to the HQ to complete the mission, I had the package I was delivering back in my inventory.

    I also got stuck in sync momentarily on a non frozen screen leaving a zone and it kicked me to the login page. When I logged back in it put me on the other side of the sector I was going into. The next sector I was going to loaded fine.
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