I am looking to recreate some aspects of Neocron for a free recreation project that I am working on with a few friends. My task is the outworld terrain. We are recreating the nostalgic representation of Neocron in the Unreal Engine 4 and it is not a commercial project (to get that bit out of the way). I wish to be as faithful to the original design as possible, in terms of terrain map layout (as the rest of the team is doing the same with the city and interior levels). I want to master scale and placement of the different terrain types, and would obviously prefer to shape the whole outworld into one large seamless map, although I have considered using the streaming capabilities of the engine and making the terrain sector by sector. Either way, I will be sculpting it firstly in mudbox and then using world machine to give it its features. At the end, I am hoping to recreate the terrain of Neocron, faithfully but with much higher detail and better looks.

With that all being said, my few biggest hurdles are as follows:
1- I need to know the sector size (preferably in KM) as well as the world map size, in KM.
2- I need to figure the best way to recreate the pathing and layout as close to the original as possible.
3- I need to figure the best way to lay it out in the unreal engine 4 and match the scaling.

Now, ideally it would be great to be able to get my hands on the height-map that they used to create the terrain itself, but I am not holding my breath for that. If it is possible and the developers are feeling generous and trusting, it would be greatly appreciated, but I don't expect it.

So all I really need from some kind soul in this community is help with the sector and map size, so that I can begin with the proper foundation. Any of my other issues, I will address on the unreal forums or other game development forums. I will say though, on the odd chance that there are people with talent here, help is always welcome with my other two hurdles and/or any other assistance possible. If you want to help out, please feel free to PM me here or in game at the same name.

Thanks and have a blessed day!