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    Default NC in Albion Online :)

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    Dear Runners,

    Couple of days ago a bunch of friends and I started playing Albion Online, it's some RPG game with rough mechanics and player driven economy. In someway it's very similar to eve online with a baldur's gate kind of gameplay.

    Anyway we made a clan, called it NEOCRON just for fun and in the first 48h I got PM'ed by Neocron vets who told me they were surprised to see that name again ! Ofc as you'd expect they told me how Neocron was there most game fond memory.
    Think it's damn crazy that after all those years, and among the huge amount of spam the Albion's general chat has (yes one general chat for all users) they could notice us

    So if you guys want to try out this game, well make sure you contact us, and join the Neocron Clan !

    In-game mail or /whisper Kacey, Visvim or Olessia
    Or pm/respond to this topic.

    The referal link if you want to get the game with bonuses:

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    How about you just tell them NC is f2p now. Why reminisce when they can get their fix.

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    yes, get on albion chat and tell everyone that neo is f2p!!

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    I have an eye on this currently, too. But i dont pay 30bucks for a beta of a f2p title in 3 month...

    nope, i´m done with this beta-shit and all the whipes... one time is enough with star trek online..
    3 month beta and after retail no fun anymore, because of all the whipes and restarts from 0. and then again?! :P

    but have fun. looks like a cool hardcore-grinding (fantasy-);p-game - btw i´m back in neocron... and yes, rocks like the first day..! only more players needed here. and its free now...
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