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    Default R197 LE-Chip Bug

    In the show description tab, under use restrictions it says N/A, but when I try to get poked, the game tells me I cannot use this item.

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    You can only reimplant the LE until a certain level. When you surpass this level you will not be able to reimplant it. I believe this level is baserank 30 (xx/30).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ´Clayton View Post
    . I believe this level is baserank 30 (xx/30).
    Yup. When you reach xx/30 there's no way going back.
    Except LOM'ing you back to xx/29 that is, of course.

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    Yes, this appears to be the issue. I went back and saw that in the text description. I still think they should fix this and put the rank<30 in the use restriction window, as not everyone reads all the flavor text. If I had known this I would have left it in.

    I guess it is really my fault for being so naive. I figured with such a small community and so few players, that there wouldn't be so much griefing and random PKing without provocation. Now I learned the hard way that I was completely wrong and regret taking it out. I'm rank 45 so it seems too much trouble to lom all the way down to 29 just over an implant, but I might have to do it anyways. Thanks.

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    After further testing, I have discovered that one cannot implant a LE-chip even if ones rank is below 30. I tried to install LE-chip on my other char ranked 5/23 and it failed. Then I created a new char and took the LE out right away and tried to put it back in and it still failed.

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    I believe you need some implant skill & tool to do so or you need a player who will implant it for you. Did you try that?

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    Yes, I tried getting implanted by a professional poker in p1. The poker in question was able to poke other implants but not LE.

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    In all 3 cases? If so thats not the expected behaviour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ´Clayton View Post
    In all 3 cases?
    Yes, I am certain, I have tested it quite extensively.

    Quote Originally Posted by ´Clayton View Post
    If so thats not the expected behaviour.
    Indeed it is not. I hope they can fix it. It only punishes new and returning players who take it out by accident or from sheer ignorance. How can new players level their characters to compete in pvp if they keep getting ganked by players twice their rank at all the good leveling grounds?

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    Im sure the NST will look into it.
    There are more than enough leveling spots. You could visit a less popular one if you are getting ganked that much.

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    Upon further investigation, I figured out how to re-implant the LE. One can just drag the LE from inventory directly into the the implant slot and the construction will start. However placing the LE into processor window and getting poked will not do anything. A little counter-intuitive, but it works. I still wish they would fix the text description so other runners, like myself, won't be tempted to take it out thinking they can put it back in later.

    I would also recommend raising the maximum rank to 50 or more, or removing it completely. The whole point of the LE is so that if a player does not want pvp, they can avoid it by using the LE. The overwhelming majority of pvp that occurs in this game now is just between capped players who have been playing for years. So anyone who isn't capped with a rare weapon, won't stand much of a chance. I think my rank 45 spy droner should be able to put his LE back in since he wouldn't last 2 seconds in a pvp fight. This just forces one sided and noncompetitive fights on my character that I don't want.

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    Yes sorry guys didn't see this post, but you can re-implant yourself, without tool and gel, LE and basic psi glove, 'cause they are tl0.

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