If This was still reported pls delete this Thread...

Friend and i started to play again since the last Balancing Patch. He started as RC-PE and i started as HC-Tank.
The Problem we see was at the time were able to use Tangent epic Weapons i used the Cannon he used the Rifle with Highvoltage Mod.
HC Tank at this time: 75 wep, 140 hc, 75 tc RC-PE: 105 wep, 100 rc , 75 tc ....

First Problem we see lvl 32 Arachnid near Catlock we shoot at we did 60 dmg per hit, pe and tank the same. The lvl 36 Arachnid Lieutenant get 120 dmg at start and 170 dmg at the end by the Tank, from PE 130 till 200. We were irritaded but we go on and have fun.

Second Problem we've seen then was shooting at a Doomreaper. The Tank made maximum 2x 172 dmg the PE 2x234 dmg. So we thought ok Rifle is the highest range Damage and that was was ok for us. But now the Tank, he got up to 180 hc and 90 wep on 25 int, can use his all arti Ravager and do 3x 172 dmg on Doomie and the PE still does 2x234 but he has a higher freq so he is still the higher Damagedealer... with 100 RC ... i think thats a problem 25 tl difference and at this time 80 weapon skill point is unbelievable. Is it WEP that counts higher at the damage then the weapon skill ?

Another fact for this is, the PE after capping INT and DEX he lomed to HC for easier capping con (yes its easier). He got still 105 wep on 60 int, 120 hc on 60 str and 75 tc. He uses now the Tangent Epic Cannon and do 2x172 dmg on Doomie but with a higher freq so he do nearly the same my tank with all arti Ravager do.

So i can't really explain why it is and so on but i thin a heavy tank with all arti rare should do more damage as a pe with epic.
Im have no damage protocol or thing like this its just a surveillence.

Anyone have same surveillences or with other classes?