Good people of Neocron.

Good news for all runners, the double-event Blood and Screeching Tires will be held on sunday the 30th of march. At 20.00 CET we hope to unleash hundreds of horsepower on the wastelands, followed by a bloodspurting duel-tournament. The tournament is sponsored by 17th.

The first event
will be a chance to showcase your skill behind the driving wheel, dodging obstacles and fearsome mobs, while navigating your way to the next check-point. Chose your vehicle well for this test of speed behind the wheel. This will be a test of both nimble hands and nimble minds. You are welcome to have passengers/navigators, but it is not a must.

The rules are simple:

1. You can only use ground vehicles, and they have to have room for at least one gunner/passenger.

2. Anyone caught attacking fellow racers will be excluded from the race, this is about driving, not fighting.

3. You will have to check in at 3-5 checkpoints during the race. At the checkpoint you will get the location of the next checkpoint.

4. The player/team who crosses the finish line first, and has tagged all the checkpoints, wins.

The second one
, taking place shortly after the race is finished, will be a PvP tournament. Here is the chance to prove your skill in front of a captivated audience, and claim fine prizes and of course bragging rights. This will be a 1 vs 1 style tournament, as has been seen often in Neocron.

There are of course great prizes to be won, for both race and tournament, and we hope you will sign up for the events as soon as possible.

Signup for both events will open shortly, and will be available right up to the beginning of the events.

More updates will follow shortly, by me or other runners from 17th.