Dear Runners!

Increasing the version number for each and every change we do is a bit overkill, therefore we are now switching our Sparta Deployment versioning system to a major.minor scheme.

Minor version increments correspond to "minor" changes to balancing e.g. reshuffeling a few numbers or adjusting the steepness of a curve. Major version increments would correspond to changes which affect larger areas of the balancing, e.g. introducing an entirely new DPM curve to balance the damage output of weapons.

Correction of DPM changes.

As quickly became apparent to you and ourselves, there was an issue with the implementation of Deployment #2. Many of the intended changes to weapons did not make it to Sparta, therefore many lower TL weapons still out-performed higher TL ones. This happened because of a flaw in our toolchain which has now been fixed for future deploments.

Deployment #2.1 is intended to fix the missing adjustments and produce the results we were aiming for. Nevertheless, since theory and experiment do not always match - because of the assumptions made on the theoretical side - let's go back to the experiment now!

Shooting Range

With with this deployment we have also set up a shooting range at Jeriko Fortress. At the request of the community, we have created a special dummy NPC on which to test damage output. These dummies do not have any resists, which will make comparing the damage output of different weapons of the same TL far easier. Additionally you will also find a port back to the 'cronstruct and an ammunition dealer.

A short guide on how to enable Neocron's damage logs and what to specifically look out for in these logs is being prepared and will be posted Soon™.

The discussion must go on!

Your Neocron Support Team​