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    Default Make HELP the default channel for a new char

    Make HELP the default channel for new chars.

    This would help to avoid the problem that every new player has with finding (and using) the HELP channel.

    Of course a complete revamp of the chat system would be the best solution, like it has been suggested a few times over the course of the last year. There were some good ideas for it.

    But making HELP the default channel would be a quick fix to enhance the experience for new players a little bit.

    I wanted to suggest this last week but didn't, but when I saw the posts below today I decided to suggest it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bandaids View Post
    For some reason I don't have a help channel in my selection
    Quote Originally Posted by Dribble Joy View Post
    If you open your Hypercom (F1?), you will see Custom at the bottom of the list. This then contains a list of specific channels. Second to last is the Help channel. You may notice that most of these channels are not active (they do not have an X in the brackets to the left). Help should be active. Select Custom and then Help, you are then talking in the Help channel.[...]

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    Fully agree, also remove useless channels. (All trade channels but TRADE NC)

    I think HELP should be re labelled GLOBAL.

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    No. There should be a help and a global chat. Then global can be used by the trashtalkers and the asshats that populate the game and the help channel can be used for genuine help.
    Quote Originally Posted by aKe`cj View Post
    Something is wrong.
    Where are the people asking for free candy or Double-XP ?

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    That's the key though... How do you keep the asshats away from the help channel without having 24/7 moderation going on. I've seen HELP get pretty racist and unnecessarily vulgar. That's not something we want New Players seeing the first time they log in.

    The most we can do right now is screenshot/report and ignore, new players won't know(how) to do that.

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    How about something like this?

    • Rename CUSTOM to GLOBAL
    • Move GLOBAL to top and BUDDY to bottom
    • Switch TEAM and CLAN

    • Rename PLAYER TO PLAYER HELP to HELP and move it to top
    • Add GLOBAL CHAT after HELP
    • Remove unnecessary "CHANNEL" from channel names
    • Consolidate redundant channels

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