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    Default Faction Warzones - Deactivate the LE

    I'll get this out of the way, I am a massive carebare LE user and probably will be for a long time. I was awful at PvP when I first played Neocron, and I'm still awful now. With less time available to shoot pixels I dont have the time to invest in replacing the stuff I would inevitabley lose, so the chip stays in. Having said that.......

    Would it be technically possible to have LE Chips to be deactivated while a runner is within a faction warzone?

    We currently will have 1 warzone within DoY, which claims the modern day Neocron record as most bombed out shithole in the waste. You could use the fallout from the neutron party thrown at the last DoY inhabitants as a lore(ish) reason to cause interferance with LE chips functioning, thus they are inactive. This would obviously mean that while within the warzone LE runners would be be able to attack and be attacked by other runners.

    There might well be current LE users, that unlike me have the time and inclination to get involved with PvP, but dont have the allies or resources to back them up (or from some other reason), so they just stick with the LE and carry on farming. This could give those runners a chance to dip their toe into the PvP world to see if it's for them. To me this would lead to 3 possible outcomes:

    1 - "Holy shitballs! I love PvP so I'm going to yank this chip out of my head and go shoot someone in the face!" Yup you've added another PvPer to the rest of the NC world. Maybe they fought alongside some faction mates and clanned up with them, or just grouped with a nice bunch of murderers from various groups, or hell maybe they just like shooting people on their own. The point is you've added another person to kill or be killed by, and that's a good thing.

    2 - "Well that was fun, and I will return again, but I think I'll just stick with the LE for now" Well at least this runner is giving it a shot, even if it means he or she is a part time PvPer who you can't shoot in the face in many varied locations. It does kind of suck for non LE users that this person gets to pick and chose were they can be attacked, but hey they'll have 1 less useful brain chip installed when they do join the fray thanks to that inactive but still implanted LE chip. Who knows maybe they'll be convinced to join the party full time further down the line.

    3 - "No sir. I don't like it" You can't win them all over and some people will just keep that chip installed and will have no interest in the slightly safer PvP option either. It's unlikely you'll change this persons mind if they have no interest in PvP.

    I'm sure there are potential problems with this (zone line hopping from LE users to enjoy a sort of immunity would be one thing I think would need a way to work around) and it's probably not the most extensively well thought out plan, but I think it does have the potential to get more people involved with PvP. With the server population as it is I honestly think a way to get more potential targets for the PvPers to shoot it can only be a good thing be it on a temporary or more permanent basis.

    Feel free to add your thoughts/suggestions or point out any massive glarings problems I have over looked.

    Devs, would something like this be possible?

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    there are to many ways to exploit this and it is to anti new people imho, now if they could make some kind of neofrag/hacknet looking hybrid kind of place for you to pvp in I would be all for it. But cutting off areas of the game to people needed to for other then pvp-things is kind of ridiculous

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Norris View Post
    there are to many ways to exploit this and it is to anti new people imho, now if they could make some kind of neofrag/hacknet looking hybrid kind of place for you to pvp in I would be all for it. But cutting off areas of the game to people needed to for other then pvp-things is kind of ridiculous
    I'm not quite sure I get your point. How would deactivating the LE within a warzone, a zone explicitly for faction vs faction fighting, to allow LE users a chance to join in, be excluding people from content. Surely it's the complete opposite by giving everyone a chance to join in. We have 1 warzone at the moment, DOY sector 10. I'm not asking for the LE to be shut off everywere, remember I'm an LE user myself and wouldn't want that.

    What content exactly would LE users be missing out on by not enjoying our normal freedom from other players while within a specific zone that has been designated for faction vs faction fighting? The last time I bothered setting foot in DOY was when it was actually occupied by anti city factions, and as far as I know there isn't really much of a reason to bother with it these days save for 3 missions. Are any of these missions in DOY Sector 10? Is there any other content there at the minute worth bothering about?

    How is it anti new people? It wont effect a new person in any way unless they actively choose to enter the warzone. In my eyes it would actually be a benefit to a new person by giving them a chance to experience PvP without the long term risks should they decide that it isnt for them.

    I'd be interested in what other exploits you can see from this as I can only see 1 big one, the zone line-ha-ha-I'm immune malarky that would no doubt ensue without some sort of work around.

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    This sounds like a great idea. The only problem I have with it is that it gives LE'd people even less incentive to take their LE out. If I knew I could get my PVP fix without ever having to take my LE out, I would leave it in.

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    I think this will make LE even more powerful, increase number of carebears and frustrate PvPers even more. Now pulling out the LE is a choice with consequences.
    This idea would give best benefits of no-LE (pvp action when you want it) with no drawbacks (pvp action even when you don't want it)

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