DM me in game @ Mozey or Rackton or Mozen

TechHaven CPU
Special Science CPU or parts of
Special Forces CPU or parts of
Reflex Boost 4
TL150 Res and Const tools
TL100 Res and Const tools

WTS or Will trade:
Weapon Part 9's/8's and 10's for trade or sale for: W8@3.8k/ea and W9@6.5k/ea and W10@15k/ea
BP's of all TL15-90 Rifles (almost all)
TL40 EPIT Injector Nanite Tool (Con: 40, HLT: 75)
Blue Fairys in bulk (+9 RES +9 Const +9 Imp) price from 4k/ea to 10k.ea depending on qty
TL88 Raygun
TL73 Fusion Rifle with 2 slots