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    An improved Hacknet.

    An improved (read less bogged down with crap) rare pool and a fix for some of the usless rares (summer leech etc)
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    Simple fixes:

    So, the LE should not be viable to end game, let's admit that this was a chip intended for newbs so that they can get a hold of what the world is like without being needlessly killed, and then pull it (or grow out of it) and into the real game. Neocron was never meant to be a PvE only game. Let's just say so and banish the illusion, Number one most useful fix is saying to the community that we ain't WoW.

    Some tweaks to PvP zones, like Plaxa vs. Pepper should be implemented. Pepper is way more appropriate than Plaza. It's silly that a pro-city or even an anti-city should get ganked trying to get their shit poked. Move the PvP incentives to where they belong and away from the neutral zones.

    Fix SL, this is in Easy because the base system is in. What needs to happen is a good analysis of the SL penalties and benefits for any action. This, in the extant SL system would be helpful. also make cops matter, so those with low SL dont end up hangin in Plaza anyway, and give them a place (koffkoff*Techhaven*koffkoff) to hang out so that "the bad guy" is a viable class to play,

    Hard fixes:
    Drops. the whole damn drop list should likely be revisited, as there are whole swaths of mobs that are considered useless to kill. People hunt a very short list of targets, that should be addressed. If there are mobs not worth killing, then they should be addressed.

    Missions: Too many broken missions, and missions focusing the population on one type of enemy. There should be useful mission target spanning the whole range of leveling and available locations.

    Clan combat/Wars: a good idea, but should be closely watched so that Clan doesn't outstrip Faction.

    Hacknet: More to do in Hacknet. Pretty much sums it up. Whats a hacker for? Can they be useful elsewhere? What's the gameplay loop of a dedicated hacker?

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    First one: New Charactermodels with more options to choose your style.

    Second one: New OP-War-System. The current one is not so cool.

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    Since a lot has already been mentioned, I just say:

    1) WoC Items (e.g. for trading) - including new Runs/Areas/Levelspots

    2) Make it possible to absolve Runs as a PPU (without Soulcluster action, knife action or something else..)

    *3)* Factionupdate (Traderunion, Anarchy Breed)

    *4)* Chartransfers ;>
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    1) Mission System
    dynamic mixture of missions, more suitable for traders, pve or ppu chars. maybe the mission terms can offer more interesting stories? It could be a way to establish a door-opener for secondary plots within the actual storylines. After effects of storyline events could be placed here.

    2) Clan War System
    Bad boys could play bad boys and everything would be fine. NAPs or clan alliances would be more suitable and realistic. Give factions a generalistic friend-neutral-foe setting and clans a specifically mode to set their own f-n-f table (worst setting counts. / e.g.: CA clan "noobguns" gives a "foe" setting to TT clan "barrelbursts" while they have a "friend" setting - poth are than enemy to each other)

    3) Character models
    give more colors, textures and details to the char generation and maybe ig with the roKKwear system. Shoule make NC population more interesting, individual and freaky.

    you're doing a good job so far. thanks to the volunteer team for time, ressources and dedication!

    Leopumps *3* :
    maybe do faction membership in connection to faction symp. chars could start with no faction membership and can join a faction after symp increased to a certain level.
    chars with no faction begin as neutral to everyone. later friend-neutral-foe should be set in referrence to faction symp.
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    Please just post two. It forces you to think hard before posting and helps us constrain the results. Thanks!
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    1: Overall balance.
    Balance low-lvl vs high-lvl, so that someone with 90 dex with a lower rare weapon isnt just fragmeat for a capped guy with dissi/cs.
    Balance weapons, so that dissi/ak/cs/ionic don't own any other weapon by miles.
    Balance setup diversity, so that you can play unusual setups without getting roflstomped by anyone that uses the standard setup, that everyone else uses (Dissi spy / CS Tank)
    Balance classes, so that you can play APU/PE/Melee Tank/(Droner) in PvP again, without getting loughed at.

    2: Bringing back open world PvP/ RP-PvP / a reason to fight other than OP-Fights for fun.
    Nerf the LE. Adjust the balance, so that low level guys/ one guy vs many guys/ low skilled vs high skilled guys have a chance to fight back or try to run. Make people fight for resources like regants/MC5. Involve Outoposts in that (Regant Fortess should have some effect on Regants Legacy, Cycrow should have some effect on the surrounding fire mob area/caves etc). Fix Clanwars system. (Introduce PvP/RP misssions like Bounty hunts for CM, terrorist attack for CM, protect lvl-spots for CA)

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    In General: Usability upgrades for the UI:

    • Consting/Ressing/Repping/Recycling - find a way to not make macros be the only sane thing to use,
    • Clanmate specific colours,
    • mousewheel support for item quantitys in rpos + enter for quantity ok,
    • sort functions for Genrep list,
    • item condition in the tooltip,
    • double click for transfering items between container & inventory,
    • visual hint for weapon category or weapon in the icon of researched parts (e.g. coloring the parts and/or writing short names in the item symbol),
    • bigger OK buttons

    ( And my personals ... )
    The old plasma rifle model.
    Weapon mod specific effects on hit (e.g. explosion effect inside nova plasma bolts) - as it used to be.

    Lots of relative small changes that improve the game alot.
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    Thank god the most important issues are stated "in work" already, so i can choose others:

    1) New Models, that look much more like the old ones (Private Eyes with sunglasses, Spys with Visors, Monks with Trenchcoats, Tanks with strong body). And those should again be colourable of course.

    2) Copbots that are a threat. (Depending on possibilities that might mean better AI, faster reacting, more damage, old weapons (sky beamers), less need for line of sight, longer keeping of aggression status even with syncing, ...). When I decide to shoot someone in Plaza or Via Rosso I expect the NCPD to be fast and hard on my behind. But no nonavoidable instakill please.
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    My first:
    Quote Originally Posted by LeoPump View Post
    1) WoC Items (e.g. for trading) - including new Runs/Areas/Levelspots
    I agree. The runs should be hard (group required) and need a long time to complete (but more rp as ionic run and not as much killing for a rarely loot)

    My second:
    Quote Originally Posted by LeoPump View Post
    *3)* Factionupdate (Traderunion, Anarchy Breed)
    Would be nice if this two factions are playable. But I would add to this point the "Clan War System" suggested by Nadja

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    1) Interface upgrade. Make text scaleable, item descriptions should be accurate, guide npcs should have correct info, ability to color different chat channels differently.

    2) Expanded and re-balanced PVE. Make the world fun to explore again. There should be multiple places to level at most level ranges, with different unique loot (DOY tunnels are a good example, but currently not really viable for someone to level at). PVE that ties in to storylines would also be very cool. Obviously making entire new areas frequently is not feasible workload wise, but having some areas built that are re-purposed and populated as the story line changes would be awesome. Outzone is really cool and should have more to do (I don't just mean having missions forcing people to run thoguh). There should be rewards for exploring the world of neocron.

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    Since there's no mention of feasibility i'll go all in:

    1. Engine change, that allows for smooth transition between "Warzones" that mark territorial ownership. AKA no more SYNCING!!!

    2. Item balance: Rares are too common and only a fraction of weapons is "viable", which immensely limits play styles.

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    1. Viable AOE for Pistol and Rifle users. I'm not going to spend years grinding my PE to WoC with pistols. Fusion pistols and rifles are perfectly suited to being AOE.

    2. Reimplement NC1 character models. Update them with higher poly counts and higher res textures if you're feeling fancy, since that's just about the only flimsy excuse anyone has to not support the idea.

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    1. Some kind of in game player market, whether it be an auction house or PC controlled vendors.
    2. Bring purpose to Tech Haven besides a place you go to use the vendor.

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    since balancing is already a target...

    1. bigger zones (less synching, less errors during synch)
    2. banish the LE form the endgame

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