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    Default What would improve Neocron the most?

    Dear Community,

    Since our tenure began around this time last year, we have worked on a number of improvements to your Neocron experience. To continue this we have a number of initiatives planned/in progress to take this even further.

    We enjoy reading and discussing your Brainport suggestions and are also incredibly thankful for your bug reports - keep this up, your input is invaluable!

    Today we'd like to take this a little further to address some of the key issues that may remain, that we may not currently have on our radar. The over arching question is a simple one;

    What two things would improve the Neocron experience for you the most?

    We'd like as many answers to this question as possible, so please take a moment to reflect on your general Neocron experience and provide your personal thoughts. This is an anything goes playing field so no matter how small you think your thought might be, raise it.

    Please do not discuss any of the answers in this thread, any responses which deviate from this will be deleted without warning. If you'd like to sound off regarding other responses, a thread for that is available here.

    Please note a balancing project, adjustments to the Law Enforcer and adjustments to the Soullight system are already being worked on internally. So please choose something else.

    Play fair and have fun,
    Your Neocron Support Team
    Neocron Support Team
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    1. One more action bar with 10 slots, with assignable keyboard shortcuts for each slot, just like the main one.
    2. Player's market (public auction house).

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    - Old style (nc1 pre genrep/ug lock patch) op war system without underground locks.
    - either relocate the p2 entrance copbots or make plaza a safezone so pvp goes back to pp1 which is much more suitable in the games context.

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    Only two things it's not enough ^^.
    But for me it could be two simple things :

    1. Redesigning every texture (i'm really bad in this domain, but i think an upscale or something could be at least more than enough)
    2. Less zoning, at least in wasteland. Melting zone four by four or nine by nine (could be too much work).
    I have an "idea" for everything link to op and warzone, but i don't know how the game is make and if it could be hard to realise.

    There are so much other things to suggest, could we make more than one post in this thread ?

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    1. Unique clan targeting color selection. Being able to designate other clans using different colors so you can distinguish between clans you have an alliance with and clans who you are at war with regardless of faction.

    2. New Items (specifically aesthetic items). Different color woc pa's (white woc ppu pa). Woc 2 and 3 items, design a new apartment. Have these new items be rare part drops even the new apartment. Have all high level mobs drop parts (y-reps, doy bot etc..) Add a new ultra rare slot enhancer that guarantee's 1 slot on a rare weapon, make it a random world drop (really really low drop rate). This would give people incentive to do things when there is no pvp happening. New trophy's would fall under this category as well.

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    1: Rare weapons should always have one quaranteed slot.
    Lots of stuff was added to rare pool and parts are not random (fact is, that some parts are LOT rarer than others), causes the fact, that getting the parts and building an pvp weapon is VERY hard. It should quarantee atleast one slot.

    Even thou balancing is being done, i have to say this.
    2: Fix Disruptor.
    I'm sure there is lots of us who share this opinion. No matter what you do, but if dissy ain't fixed in next patches ( ie, in max 2 months), you lose players. PVP is so stupid atm. Dissy can kill anything in few seconds. It's just not fun.
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    1. Balancing (like Critinator: the Disruptor ) and make APU more useable in PvP again.
    2. Put timer on UG so that you can enter again after a certain time
    3. Fix rare part drop (like faid said)
    4. Rare Minirocketlauncher pistol
    5. Add access list to appartements: allow other players to enter appartment and access the cabinets.
    6. Improve slot system not be only that random (building 10 weapons 0 slot, another time 3 slot on first construct, and so on).
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    1. more zones. a bigger map. new territories for exploring.

    2. a clan war system, so you could legally kill anyone anywhere in a clan you're at war with. exception: apartments, headquarters.

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    1. More WOC items see my thread also in brain port, would like to see some other things implemented but they have been mentioned already

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    Pvp balance(Weapon dmg and stam loss tweaked)

    LE balanced to not be a free pass to go anywhere and do anything.

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    Balance is always a top one :P

    but a player market would indeed be nice.. i gather so much stuff all the time that i would like to sell but standing in P1 spamming trade for hours uppon hours just does not appeal so i end up selling stuff to Yo's

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    1: NoPA PE setups viable Again aka. implant balancing..

    2: Same as Torg's #2, A working Clan war system.

    3: The obvious weapon balancing (which by far is the most important thing to do now).
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    Balance, which includes fixing APUs. Maybe returning to the psi module system pre-2.1. Also includes WoC not being a necessity in pvp and instead a badge of honour. Also includes fixing vehicles.

    General model update in game. Mobs and runners need to be brought forward. Also redesign some armours such as the NCPD armour.

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    1. Economy balancing
    Are there any tools for you - the development team - to control or analyze the cash flow? Since the start of Titan the economy experiences the same problems like the servers before. The longer the server is online, the more cash the players have and all items loose their worth. In a few weeks or months cash won't belong anymore and UGs will be the currency. This is a problem that won't be solved with one fix, this needs an analyze of the whole economy system in Neocron. So there should be tools for analyzation and then conclusions must be made.

    2. Rework Outpost System
    OP-Fights are an essential part of the game. There could be a lot of improvements made. Some examples: new design of OPs; new features for OPs like owners build buildings (ASG, defensive weapons like player controlled turrets, walls, housing, etc.) or shared ownership (ownership can be shared with other clans or factions, controled by players). And more OPs would be great.
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    #1 Ballancing - Weapons
    The apu spells should have a little higher frequence, some Spy weapons should have a little lower frequence

    #2 Ballancing - Classes
    PE ... that says it all!

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