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    Default health and heal system rework (buffs as well)

    i think the health and healing system is in need to be redone.
    we now have double the health and the possible ways to heal didnt catch up.

    ideas for changes:
    1. remove nanite tools (makes things even more complicated and is not fun)
    2. increase the time off buffs significantly to 30min or more
    - decrease the buff runtime on player attacks, so pvp wouldnt be hurt by this change
    3. double the heal of psi spells and first aid (etc items)
    4. passive healing, based on the amount of health. at 1% of health every 3 seconds regenerated (mobs too?)
    5. add rare parts for non brain implants/non weapons
    - there are no rare bone, backbone, eye and heart implants yet -> new possibilities for builds
    6. add new con req. backbones that enhance health and reduce the base health regen vom 1% every 3 sec to 1% every 2 sec
    - add a rare con backbone that enhances base health regen even further to 1% every sec only available to near
    max con pes and tanks (or maybe only tanks to even out missing psi)

    and we still have place left for rare eyes and bones, post your ideas.

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    - add a surgeon/doctor eye that inreases healthregen of first aid packs etc.

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