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    Default Public test of new Neocron Installer

    Update - 2nd May 2013: The installer is now Live - Download from

    As previously announced we have been building a new Neocron Installer. We have now reached a stage where we would like some help testing it.

    This is a new installer that installs a fully patched Neocron game, and sets the compatibility settings for the more modern OS's. It also installs DirectX 9 and the C++2012 runtime.

    It is also capable of installing a Public Test Server client.

    You can download it from (Removed - See above)

    When testing it, can you note the following and post the details back in this thread here.

    • Your OS (Please state if it is 32/64bit as well)
    • Installation language selected
    • Which of the following options did you have selected and which ones did you change?
    • Run DirectX Install [ ]
    • Run C++2010SP1 Runtime Install [ ]
    • Run Neocron as Administrator [ ]
    • Install Neocron 2 to connect to the Public Test Server [ ]
    • The install directory

    When you have installed Neocron.

    • Perform a file check - are there any broken files?
    • Start NC - Does it prompt you for the GFX setting?
    • Does the cool NC music play?

    Finally any issues, feedback and questions on the new installer is welcome.


    4/3/2013 - Build 16 - Removed XP-SP3 option.
    2/5/2013 - Remove links - Installer is now live.
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