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    Thumbs up [STORYLINE] Powder Keg: Things to Come

    Hello Runners,

    Before the weekend we brought you a short teaser regarding the next chapter of Neocron's storyline, Powder Keg, this thread aims to give you a little more information and guidance around the storyline and its delivery. First of all I feel the need to point out, that although Titan is a new server with new characters, the events leading up to the end of 'The Death Circuit' have still occurred.

    To give you a small history lesson, here's where 'The Death Circuit' left off. The Dome in ruins after a disaster in a Crahn laboratory left the once great city uninhabitable. The Dome of York Alliance weakened by the disaster retreated to Neocron, under the cover of darkness the factions of the Dome took refuge in Neocron's Outzone sectors where they have survived ever since. The Dome is an irradiated hole devoid of life. Tech Haven is manned by the peaceful branch of the Angels. The Canyon is sleeping, many of its rebels spread between it and Neocron's underbelly.

    As described in the teaser, there has been an uneasy peace between many of Neocron's factions ever since, a peace filling the void between The Death Circuit and what begins now, Powder Keg.

    The new storyline will deliver a number of changes to the game world and give us a narrative through which we can make some of the changes we've longed to make, as we touched upon in December's Development Update. While the storyline will certainly bring some events in game, there will be other ways in which the storyline will bleed into the community and the game.

    With that said I ask you to keep an eye out for the following if you wish to engage as much as possible with the storyline:

    Live Events!
    Of course there will be events, lead by Official Roleplay Characters or hinted at by other activities mentioned below. Some of these will be story driven encounters where scenarios will crop up related to the current position in the storyline, as well as more ad hoc events which will be woven into the general goings on of the Neocron game world.

    Automated Encounters
    This is something new which we've used quite recently for one reason or another. Small changes to the game world will occur at set times or at certain intervals through your time in game. NPCs or mobs will pop up in new places and continue to do so while relevant to the storyline. Pay attention to your surroundings for things a little out of the ordinary between patches!

    Spawn Events
    Should the storyline call for random attacks by various mobs and enemies of all factions; be on your guard as you never know what might be around the corner or about to sneak up on you!

    Official Roleplay Characters
    We now have some Official Roleplay Characters pounding the in game pavements to enrich your exposure to the storyline. A number of players have already been talking to these characters as and when they appear in game. Keep an eye out for them and strike up a conversation, you never know what might come of it!

    Neocron's number one news resources is back in action. With a number of new reporters on the scene you should be able to find more information in the Neocronicle. Articles from the everyday occurrences of the game world to pieces which tie together in game events and other progressions to the storyline. This is a key resource for following the storyline as it moves and changes the game world around it. Neocronicle is currently available out of game and we hope to update the ingame version Soon™.

    I'm sure you will agree there is plenty to keep an eye out for. More storyline elements will start to show themselves as we go forward. Some of these might be small elements, some might be large elements but they will all add up to the bigger picture.

    I hope you enjoy the ride.
    Neocron Support Team
    N E O C R O N - G A M E . C O M

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    This sounds great! Looking forward to it!

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    Looking forward to this and eventually capping!!! Omg takes an age with only an hour to spare these days lol

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    does this mean factions will be getting mixed up with less friendlies too?
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