Here they are finally, the patch notes for T#178 and T#179. Remember that Vedeena has been rolled back to R#176 prior to this patch-series, see this thread. So if you have not been on Vedeena since the release of R#176, please delete your old testserver folder. The instructions on how to get on the testserver have been updated accordingly and can be found here.

Technical changes:
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to damaged chardata
  • Fixed the CR being too low when changing zones inside a vehicle
  • Fixed not being able to activate/change the primary appartment GenRep.
  • Fixed GenRep costs for Crahn, Black Dragon and Tsunami HQ still reflecting their former DoY location.
  • Fixed the respawn behaviour of several container types (containers spawning quest items, e.g. Grim's ID cube, as well as hacknet code fragments)
  • Fixed the buy/sell window covertly resetting the amount to a value of 1 when clicking buy/sell. Now it properly retains the previous value!
  • Interpolation fix redone from the ground up

Content changes:
  • Fixed several issues inside H14
  • Replanted several trees in H15 and fixed a hole in the fence
  • Added missing stuff to Viarosso sectors and fixed floating bums, also fixed several cosmetic flaws
  • The Snack-A-Tack shop in Pepper Park Sec-3 went out of business
  • Adjusted Battle Dome trader inventory
  • Removed OOC advertisment in Pepper Park Sec-1 and Viarosso Sec-2

The corresponding discussion thread can be found here.

Your Neocron Support Team