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    Default How to use the Brainport

    This forum can be used to make suggestions and discuss them with fellow members of the community.
    It is a vital source of information for the development team and we do try our best to keep track of everything you throw at this forum.

    To make the most of this tool, we kindly ask you to follow a few "best practices".

    1. One topic per thread
    Whenever possible, try to separate ideas that are not tightly coupled. This makes it easier to focus on the issue and will prevent multiple seperate "discussion threads" to appear within a single forum topic. It will help you get and keep the attention from the community and the developer team.

    2. Use descriptive thread titles
    Good: "Change Faction Databases to be harder accessible"
    Bad: "My ideas for Neocron"

    3. Be constructive
    There will be times when you disagree with other players about ideas or suggestions. Accept that others opinions may vary and keep in mind that your mission is not to convince the other players of your "truth", but to make sure your point of view is clear and visible in the topic. Repeating arguments over and over does not help anyone.
    When you disagree with a suggestion, it is important to point out the rationale behind this. Arguments always trump opinions.

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    The Brainport is considered an important tool for constructive suggestions and feedback and we intend to preserve that function.
    Please note that #3 from the above list will thus be enforced as a rule in the future and we reserve the right to revoke access to this forum section in the case of repeated violation.
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