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    Nice that this idea gets so much response.

    My original intention was to add the button to the city term mission screen, otherwise it would be too OP as Izeo said.

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    make more aggressor cellars. the quicker a runner is done the quicker he gets out. simple.
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    Something is wrong.
    Where are the people asking for free candy or Double-XP ?

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    I think the idea was to have the button on the actual missions section of the citycom; not some button in the RPOS interface, that would absolutely be unreasonable. But adding such a button to the missions area of the citycom interface shouldn't be hard, either in code or in art (granted, I haven't seen NC's source code, so who knows what it looks like . But if adding the button widget bears any similarity to adding one in raw Win32, then it's not that bad).

    Sometimes it does take forever for a person to find the mission they want, and a lot of people are going to just keep going through the list until they find it anyway, so, may as well add the button.

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