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    Default Make Combat Vehicles worth using...

    Right now, my Tank using a STORMlaser cannon standing next to my Quad is better than every single combat vehicle in the game.

    I would like to see combat vehicles be a more viable route to use as a career choice. My fix? Make combat vehicles auto hit when firing. The V2 Rhino already does this, so why not every other combat vehicle?

    A v2 Rhino costs roughly 250k to make. It auto hits.

    A Heavy Scorpion Assault Trike costs something like 550k, and even with the reticule closed completely it still has a high miss rate.

    The Terminator Assault Quad is another waste of time. Not worth the hours it takes to get.

    I don't see how this would bother PvP since combat vehicles will always be shit in PvP. Maybe I missed something here?


    Have all combat vehicles auto hit instead of missing to increase their use in mob hunting and overall usage in Neocron as a viable route for players to go instead of HC, RC and Drones.
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