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    Cool Neocron 2 Fansites and Resources

    << Official Fansites >>

    • The Tech Haven Network (The THN) –
      Community run fansite and forums :: Provides the latest news on Neocron, the only Neocron Wiki site, as well as information on nearly all items, weapons, vehicles, quests, professions, rares, Wisdom of Ceres. Along with a complete Neocron history and downloads!

    << Community Resources >>

    • The THN – News, RaresDB, Forums, Wiki, Guides, Lore, Videos and Downloads -
    • Neoterm (Only accessible via web.archive) – Guides, Maps, Movies -
    • Neocron Apartment Guide – comprehensive apartment guide -
    • Linxsoft Neocron Videos –
    • Implant and Item Calculator -- Put in your main sub-skill name, and main skill base level, and the calculator will report back what IMPs are available, and what weaponary is available.
    • JeuxOnline -- Information network dedicated to massive multiplayer games, persistent universes, and virtual worlds. It consists of about fifty sites, each of which deals with a specific virtual world, structured around a shared portal (News, articles, files, interviews, information and image bases, game guides, etc.

    << IRC Channel >>

    You can come and join us all on the mIRC channel which is available at: – #neocron

    You can download an IRC client at

    If you don’t want to install mIRC, then you can use the following link:


    If you would like your fansite listed here, then please PM either myself or a forum MOD to update the details.
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