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    Default Neocron Evolution Revamp: Captn Kirk chasing Tribbles!*

    1. Browsergame market is overcrowded as Zyngas massive share loss prooves. Investors grew screptic for good reason: the amount of offer lowers the demand massively.

    2. Browsergame customer demand: quick accessible, low deepth game like latest success Herokon online proove. NC is far too complex.

    3. F2P market in general overcrowded: SWTOR finally decided to, AoC, STO, LoTRO, DCU, EQ2 with technically stronger Titles.

    4. Tomorrows Failure of Shadowrun Online prooves that a strong brand doesnt convince customers if the technics are antique! SR Brand is much stronger than NC.

    5. NC Action/Shooter Element cant compete with AAA Titles down to QuakeLive (even 2000 released ET:Wolf ). Just compare the movement animations, NCs moves like a string puppet.

    6. Revamp is not new content. NC Content always was weakspot, the attraction of former subscribers even with technical reroll without new content is unlikely. (We all had to much of it..i mean, to less, u get my point, right?)

    7. Nukklear wont pass any serious background check (editor and team laughed bear barrels). The lately announced portfolio may convince nubs, but not heavy (and professional, lol!) investment. Which will not only take a deep investigation on Lenkes Vita (2 much fail?), but also the former game:

    8. NC is not only technically out of date, Open World PvP, Fractions, Vehicles, Char- and Itemcustomization etc. grew all standard elements of MMO, the once avantgardish suprise element is longtime overplayed.

    Nukklear is going to spoil the Avantgarde Brand, which will impact in the loss of the very last reputation of NC.
    The very only chance of saving NC is a complete reroll into up2date technic and integrating future mmo elements
    (Persistant World (KK failed on this not only my discussion in 2004!), Quest Design Iinvestigative, Area) etc.)

    *my editor disagreed on the public interest on this topic. so iam just able to give u little insight on the pre-structuring in our teamdiscussion on personal interest, but as always: editors choice. So maybe u have fun flaming this very pessimistic outlook on NCs Future.
    Which at least has one positive aspect: go on, bury it in Firefox or Chrome: With the expected fail the rights on brand will be sold-out cheap. Maybe than the epoche of the real first community driven MMO will dawn...(romantic, hm?)
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    You will never have thousand of players in NC that's true. NC always been a niche product.
    But a lot of the things you enumerated are true but there someone I can't agree. The Open World PvP like in NC I never found in other games and the most of players not really intereste in high end graphics if it's F2P and the game have an authentic feeling. If NC:R is really in development atm. and Kirk get some publisher. NC:R (best of NC1/2) will be completely revised edition of NC.
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    I do not see what good you expect to come from this thread and the rant at Kirk/Nukklear, nor do we want people to "have fun flaming this pessimistic outlook" or flaming anything or anyone else on these forums.


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