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    Default Warbot Cola – New Marketing Campaign


    Just in from Warbot Cola Inc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Warbot Cola Marketing
    Warbot cola, Neocron’s No.1 selling cola is excited to launch it’s brand new advertising campaign.

    Our new slogan is “Each sip is like getting hit in the face with a Warbot’s laser!”

    Remember, there is no other cola out there like it. Don’t just ask for Warbot Cola from your barman, demand it!
    All the reporters here at the Neocronicle office love hearing any news from Warbot Cola’s marketing department, especially when they send in some free crates. You know, there isn’t a better feeling than hunting warbots, while sipping Warbot Cola!

    Eddie Walker
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    Is there anything to the rumors that the Warbot Cola Inc. will soon takeover Cron Brewery&Beverages?
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    I enjoy Warbot Cola too!

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    This new slogan really makes me wonder if they might have changed the recipe.
    I'll buy a bunch of cans for me and my friends when I'm around Neocron.

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