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    The Twilight Guardian is back!

    In the Twilight Guardian Canyon is currently buoyant spirit and not only there.
    Also in the wastelands the TG activity increased.
    There are also reports of sporadic fighting activities in outposts with TG participation.
    From a reliable source I know that a Weapon storage, from the Tangent Technologies After Dark troops, was attacked by a small, well-organized group of TG`s.
    This TG group managed to eliminate the Security Guards and clear the Weapon storage.

    Attentive runner witnessed the robbery and alerted the NCPD, which attached itself to the verses of the TG`s and pursued them through the Pepper Park and Outzone.
    some of the TG`s were killed while the others had to escape It and tried to hide most of the captured weapons.
    Like Mr. Tribeholz, After Dark's mastermind constructer, told me these camp was one of the largest AD had.
    90% of the weapons are still lost in the narrows of Pepper Park and Outzone .....

    We can only hope, this time the runners of Neocron will fight together and destroy the resurgence of the Twilight Guardian before it comes to war and terror on streets of Neocron again

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