Since we get threads every so often asking "what's chaanged since I last played" I figured the best thing to do would be to list it. Note: I didn't play NC1, so if anyone could add anything I missed in that transition, go ahead.

Also: Many changes didn't happen with the exact event listed, but in that general period. I can't promise to have covered everything either. For a more comprehensive, but still incomplete list, see the patch notes as well as the Neocronicle and VOTR.

Neocron 2 Launch September 2004
  • Characters transfer with only implants, armour and quickbelt. Epic items and keys don't transfer, neither does cash. Some Saturn characters corrupted.
  • Twilight Guardian, Fallen Angels, Black Dragon, Crahn Sect, Tsunami Syndicate all driven/leave their homes and set up base in the Dome of York.
  • Faction relationships made side vs side with City Mercs as neutrals.
  • Dome of York opened to all.
  • Wisdom of Ceres skills made active and Ceres Labs opened throughout the wastes.
  • Hacknet added and made acessible
  • Added juggernaut facility
  • Added/fixed epic runs for all factions.
  • Some world textures updated
  • Player character models updated
  • Made gloves and "level 5" (SF, Psi Core etc) implants made from BPs obtained in hacknet
  • Escador Oasis GR removed

Patch 131 (and surrounding) April 2005
  • Added "Mr jones" character, missions and rewards for new characters.
  • Added Reza's Calling, Reporting For Duty, Canyon Challenge and Hurler King missions.
  • Fixed crossbow mission/removed old coin mission.
  • Returned the canyon to Twilight Guardian control, removed raptors.
  • Added hacknet "dungeons" in the cities.
  • Removed one-shot-kill protection
  • Added Electric Vibes and Tiki nightclubs, along with accompanying missions.
  • Herbalis Plant missions "fixed" (although reward always has been worthess)

Evolution 2.1 December 2005
  • All weapon models except melee and flamer updated.
  • All vegetation models updated
  • Weapon sounds updated
  • Weapon reload doesn't complete until end of animation (approximatley)
  • Regant's legacy added and opened, along with a multi-part mission.
  • Zone security system overhauled. Now 7 different zone types.
  • Changed Black Dragon epic reward to an appartment
  • Added combat assault quad vehicle and mission to obtain

Evolution 2.2 March 2007
  • All impant and armour statitics changed
  • New line of armour added: Carbon (high pierce, low poision resist)
  • All armour types now have belts
  • Additional armour slots added - seperate PA slot, and a neck armour slot.
  • Armour is now locational
  • Reticle added to APU spells and drones
  • Psi spells now require LoS at start of casting
  • LOMs no longer cause SI
  • Psi Core, Hercules, Special Forces and Synpatic Accelerater implants split into two different impants.
  • Several new brain implant lines added. See the item DB for full details.
  • Skill influence system reworked
  • Split Shelter spell into Absorber and Protector
  • Added addtional weapons to lines that had large TL gaps.
  • Returned "level 5" implants to rare pool
  • Transfered antibuff spells from APU to PPU
  • Added nanite shielding and healing
  • Reworked all drug benefits, added several additional drugs, added survival kits
  • Added missions for obtaining Reaper assault rifle, Ronin sniper rifle, Freeman pistol and Warhammer rocket launcher
  • Adjusted construction calculations
  • Added Air Guard glider and Trophy Hunter Trike
  • Added Regant's lab zone, assocaited multi-part mission and Genotoxic power armour.

Patch 167 (Faction Revamp) December 2007
  • Dome of York abandoned, factions returned to NC1 locations.
  • Faction relationships made more complicated, less red vs blue.
  • All dome appartments moved to the new "outzone appartment complex"
  • Tiki and Electric Vibes clubs moved to Neocron
  • Newbie levelling areas in the Dome removed. New high level dungeons (based on old maps) and new mission for the dome added.