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    Default Angry Apes - Angry Scrapes

    "This is Osirus Ravendale reporting from Plaza sector two, as you can see from the image below another runner has been flat-lined by the Angry Apes Mercenary Core. The runner who can't be named for legal reason but shall be referred to as Mr X."

    "Mr X was engaged in combat with a plasma cannon welding Gentank, at the start of the fight General Zheodaine Aldour aka The Angriest Ape, closed in ignoring the enemy tank and instead fired five rounds from his ionic shotgun cannon into the PPU buffed spy, and as you can see from the image splattering his blood and guts all over the sector."

    "When asked for a comment Zheodaine replied;"

    "Courtesy of Rabbi Fang." Before walking off.

    "This is Osirus Ravendale signing off."

    Please Note; Viewers are asked to note that all assassinations are for cash only, allies are treated like enemies for these missions however there are no permanent hostile intentions towards runners or clans, clans are welcome to defend their own while the Angry Apes carry out this contract hits and are more than welcome to hire us to 'return the favour'.

    Kind Regards, The Angry Apes Mercenary Core - Get Angry! GO APE!

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    Default From an outpost NE of El Farid

    Since you have been assisting the NCPD with "police" duties in the city's beautiful Plaza areas would you consider "Killing 2 bats with 1 stone" and put some Twilight Guardians out of their misery.

    The poor things come to the city to beg and scratch out a few credits or perhaps a scrap of food to continue their miserable existance one more day.

    The following article from the Neocronicle archives really brings the issue home:

    A report from the Dome
    by Jack Red

    I finally got the "long sought after" job as a reporter with the Neocronicle. As my first deadline was coming up soon I wanted to do something really special. So I decided to visit Dome of York and give you, the reader a firsthand account of my trip. Since our city's attack upon the Dome of York there has been a continuous battle in the wastelands and I decided that finding out how the inhabitants could continue on was a good reason to make the trip.

    Equipped with the latest stealth technology and a new Prototype Tangent Infiltration Suit that would camouflage my body heat, I felt that I could even face the hideous Dome of York Security units and survive. I left the gates of Neocron, my safe home, behind and set off to the north passing the mountains around Tech Haven to the west and the Canyon to the east until I finally reached the desert. My water was running low and I was beginning to feel the suns wrath but I eventually came upon the approaches of the enemy dome. Knowing there were Security units patrolling, I activated my stealth unit and ran for the gates, I was almost there when at the worst possible moment my stealth unit beeped and I became visible. I was not sure the guards had seen me so with a great leap I jumped behind behind cover and pulled out 1 mean weapon, an artifact Wyatt Earp. After what seemed endless seconds, I was again able to activate my stealth tool and with luck made it into the dome itself.

    I tell you now that I, in my wildest dreams would never have expected what I found. The first thing that I noticed before my eyes adjusted to the darkness was an overwhelming smell of sweat, blood and smoke. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the dimness a horrible picture came into view. The impact of the bomb was everywhere in evidence, there was not a single building left undamaged, in fact many seemed to be almost destroyed. The Geiger counter display in my helmet told me that the radiation levels were well over acceptable levels and I needed to hurry my visit unless I wanted to stay here forever.

    I could not imagine that humans could still live in this squalor but as the dimness faded I began to see that, in fact, there were people all around me. I could only piety their poor condition and was moved by their situation. I could see that they must see their circumstances now and wish for better days but I had to steel myself and remember that these were our enemies and for them I could only give a quick death. These poor creatures were picking the fruit of their poor decisions when they decided that they would leave our beloved Reza's favor. Now it seemed that politics were secondary to just surviving in the dirt and awful conditions. Gangs were running around robbing, plundering, and even murdering.

    As I was pondering these poor creatures, a beep brought me back to my senses and I became visible again. As I stood without stealth in the crowd, I was recognized as a son of Reza and was ready for attack but instead I could see in the poor wretches eyes, envy,
    They had left the protection of Neocron and were now living in a destroyed city. All they wanted was to come back to Reza's loving arms, but it was too late. They had forsaken our beloved Reza for the empty promises of the Dome of York's Insane leaders.

    I stood there a moment more and realized the stupidity of my predicament, I activated my stealth and disappeared. It was time to get myself back to Neocron, I looked for a functional Gene rep unit, short circuited it and was standing in my apartment a few seconds later. I will never forget my trip to Dome of York because it showed me how much I love my fair city. This city our protection and homeland must be defended at all costs, otherwise we may end up like those unfortunate Dome of York inhabitants out of work, out of their head, out of self respect, out of bread, underloved and underfed.

    How can any person not feel that these poor things should not simply be killed on sight to end their suffering. I call on the Angry Apes to do the right thing for humanity and for our city that allows them access to the latest technology and supplies that they cannot get anywhere else. The CM depend on Neocron for their very survival so they should at least help clean the vermin from the streets.

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    HMM i might have to get me some of this action when i get back ingame..hit me up pm zheo

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    I (Jake Hard) have been hunting down apes and been taking them down 1 by 1. They seem not so angry!

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    I demand royalties
    Iím going to become rich and famous after I invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.

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    KILL TG, if you have a hair on your a$$, you must kill them all!!!!!

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