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    wouldn't it be cool if neofrag had its own item storage system that could hold a duplicate of any item so that you could pull it out while in neofrag. You would need a multiple cabinet storage system to be able to use this!

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    Obviously this might be out of date but it used to be a thing where you could drop your weapon in NF and someone else could pick it up. If you then left and rejoined the session (provided someone else was in there) you would have your weapon back. Effectively the game would save the instance of your character on joining the session; and then regardless of the status you went out with it would reinstate it on exit. so even if you were half dead on leaving you would be out in the "real" world with whatever health you entered with.

    People would often hide in NF when trying to get away from pvp and some would use it for other exploits which have long been fixed but if the other bits above still work you might find a solution to what youre looking for.
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