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    Arrow 'NSkill' Character Setup Utility - Alpha Version: 0.6.12 (07/01/08)

    Important Information

    This thread has been moved to it's current location and stickied to allow easier access for both users of the tool and its developer, StevenJ.

    Although this thread is now stickied we would like to remind you that this tool/application is a community driven and developed project and therefore is not supported or officially recommended by Reakktor Media GmbH

    The current version of this tool will be listed in the thread title to assist in finding the correct version within this thread.


    Hoder has given me some instructions regarding who I should speak to to get the program authorised to use the images I've used, thanks Right now, with no frills images the program looks bad, but if I do get permission to use the graphics then it will be a 30 second change.

    First, I'd like to explain a bit about how this damned program works, and some assumptions we've made. There will be bugs, this is a barely alpha release!

    This is a .Net 2.0 project, you need the .Net 2.0 redist to run it. You can get it here:

    Body health is calculated using CMaster's study. People seem to think this is a good approximation for health < 75.

    Resistances and resist psi follows the latest values I've seen on the forum. Again, this is only an approximation. The resist graph shows 36 resist values, 12 for each body zone - the larger, bolder figure shows the % you will get on normal damage, the faded, smaller number is this resist with resist psi factored in. Resist psi is modelled like another shield.

    Editing Items

    To edit items, after installation select "Advanced" then "Extract files"

    This will extract all the internal text files (not xml, sorry ) to the folder in which the program is running. If you open up one of the .txt files, you will see it's quite straight-forward to add, delete or edit files. You must stick to the conventions Cream Cracker made:

    Use pistolcombat not pistol-combat, p-c, etc.

    Use riflecombat not rifle-combat, r-c, etc.

    If in doubt, just check another imp that already exists for the token to use.

    At present, only mainskills affect whether or not you can use an item! For example, an APU could use a PPU PA right now, regardless of their PPU specced. It's a simple fix and is expected very soon.

    There will be omissions and mistakes (there are only two regant PAs in the listings so far, for example), so if you correct or add something, please paste the snippet from the .txt file here and I'll update the main listing

    You must restart NSkill after editing items. It's probably best to just edit them with the program closed down

    Using Implants, Bone Enforcements, Psi and Armour

    By default, you can only use items you meet the requirements for. To change this, click "View" then untick "Only show items I can use" - please note that class restrictions still apply, you're never going to squeeze your tank's fat arse into a PPU PA. Right-click an empty implant, bone enforcement, psi buff or armour slot, and choose the item you want to use. The slot will brighten, and your stats will change. To remove an implant, double-click the brightened slot, and the imp will vanish.

    Drugs are very straight-forward. A big long list, tick all the drugs you'd like to use.

    Nanites work like this - please correct me if I'm wrong

    1) Choose a percentage (set to 5.26% by default)

    2) Pump yourself full of nanites (12 is the limit before ill effects?)

    3) The maximum shield you can get per nanite-type is 25%?

    If anyone has any other percentage figures for the other tools (Still not reactivated whilst I'm so busy) that would be great - I'd really like to be able to allow people to choose the tool based on their requirements.

    Item failure
    The item failure mode is a little flawed at the moment. Instead of an item becoming disabled should a change mean you fail to meet its requirements, it just pops out totally, and you get a message to tell you. Because an item popping out changes your stats, you may end up with a chain of items popping out, and this part runs a little sluggishly right now. I'm going to work on making the failed item disabled but ready to work again once I've ironed out existing bugs.

    Thanks to DJ and CMaster and Lifewaster for helping me with resist formula, and everyone who helped contribute to the various spreadsheets knocking around. I would name-check everyone who has contributed to the debate, but I really don't know, so I'm thanking people who gave me help personally :P

    And I've gotta thank Andy / Cream Cracker for hours and hours of work on this. He's worked like a bastard doing lots of boring data collection and testing for this. His suggestions have largely shaped this entire project. Thanks

    Please please PLEASE bear in mind this is a WIP, barely what you could even call an alpha release. I know some people will like this, some will hate it. It's nowhere near the finished article, but now it's somewhat useful, we feel it's time to get some feedback.

    Download from here, you may need to register to get the file - I'm in a mad rush right now with a lot to do.

    Cheers! And be gentle

    (Oh, and please check out userinfo.txt once installed!)


    I know you can't type in numbers to the numeric fields. I'll look into it - right-click the mainskill number spinners to cap them
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