Thats right ladies and gentlemen, i know you all have them. This is the thread to post your background/Roleplay stories for all and any of your characters that you choose. ill start off with one of mine.

=-Warbot Titan X-=

A Professional sniper, he makes his living as a hitman staying behind the scenes of many high-profile killings, and doing freelance security work for anyone who doesnt want people within a 200 foot radius of their person. He has been called Warbot Titan X for many years, a nickname given to him by a dear friend early in his career. He has long forgotten his real name, and so has everyone else. A Good friend of the Mason family, and Brother of Apocalypsox he prefers to stand back and let his sniper rifle do the work, making very good use of a stealth tool when things get a little too close. He has also recently tooken up the use of gliders, realising that tactical sniping positions are not always acessible on foot after watching his friend Clive make the skies his bitch with a glider.