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NC's all about using rares anyway, right?
This reminds me. Another thing I'll add about the lvling/xp business, is that characters are only useful at cap. I think it's safe to say I'm actually going to have to cap my rifle spy who I've played in pvp for many many months, as I imagine he won't be able to use the same weapons as before (Which ok, I'm fine about as chars are made to be capped).
However, now that I have to cap him, it's going to take even longer because mobs are now harder to kill (and now do more damage). Especially the ones needed for a char to cap.

The way I see it, KK have made it even more important for chars to be capped to participate in the biggest part of the game (pvp), yet they've made it harder to do this and in the meantime left us with characters of significantly less importance/effectiveness. I left games like WoW because of the wrist-slitting grinding that needs to be done if you want to get anywhere. Now the game I've escaped to is going in the same direction?