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Health/Sta/ManaNanite Protection tools : Usable by Spies , creates a nanite shield , requires mods and differing ammo types to provide its different shield types (eg pierce/fire/etc) Low TL versions allow for combo shields (pierce/force or energy/xray or fire/poison) but yield low shielding . High TL versions only allow a single shield type (Pierce or Force or Fire or Poison or Energy or Xray)

Also doesnt stack with Psi shields ..the presence of even 1 nanite shield will prevent any PSI shields landing, and vice versa.

Standard SPY setup is to carry 6 differently modded/ammo'd high TL versions, then use according to situation.

The same high TL tool can be fired multiple times for increasingly stronger shields of that type , with about 7.5% accumulative shielding per shot , but the 100 overload limit means you cannot achieve the max 35% shielding in more then 1 or 2 resists at a time.....since 8 shots = 100 overload.

They can be quite effective for Spies in both PvE and PvP when you know what dmg type to expect.....and since the maximal 30-35% shield is higher then what can be recieved from a PPU (25%)[/i]
I don't understand this. Can someone explain it?

You construct a tool with different resistances types, then spam it multiple times to 100%?

Better understanding would help a lot. I was thinking of making a spy over a PE.