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    Exclamation How-To: Modification of Neocron 2 R.P.O.S files

    To create your own individual Neocron 2 H.U.D. you need the latest original R.P.O.S. files which you can download here.
    Extract the archive and copy all files into /yourNeocronDirectory/gfx/rposv3/*. Afterwards you can start to modify the R.P.O.S. files with e.g. Photoshop to fit it to your neeeds. Please notice that only graphical modifications of the H.U.D. are possible.

    Any functional changes will result in a no longer executable game client.
    Also all given file sizes, sizes and positions of the graphics must be kept in order and may not be altered.

    You can find Pre-Made Custom R.P.O.S. here and here!

    * If you're using a non-english client: /yourNeocronDirectory/language/de, es or fr/gfx/rposv3/
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