From now on the modification of Neocron 2 R.P.O.S. files for individual design of the Neocron 2 H.U.Ds. is officially permitted. The modification is exclusively restricted to following files in the installation folder under /gfx/rposv3
  • drone_01.bmp
  • drone_01a.bmp
  • drone_02.bmp
  • drone_02a.bmp
  • drone_03.bmp
  • drone_03a.bmp
  • rpos_01.bmp
  • rpos_01a.bmp
  • rpos_02.bmp
  • rpos_02a.bmp
  • rpos_apartmentaccess1.bmp
  • rpos_apartmentaccess1a.bmp
  • rpos_armor1.bmp
  • rpos_armor1a.bmp
  • rpos_armor2.bmp
  • rpos_armor2a.bmp
  • rpos_faction1.bmp
  • rpos_faction1a.bmp
  • rpos_faction2.bmp
  • rpos_faction2a.bmp
  • rpos_generep1.bmp
  • rpos_generep1a.bmp
  • rpos_generep2.bmp
  • rpos_generep2a.bmp
  • rpos_hypercom1.bmp
  • rpos_hypercom1a.bmp
  • rpos_hypercom2.bmp
  • rpos_hypercom2a.bmp
  • rpos_implants1.bmp
  • rpos_implants1a.bmp
  • rpos_infowindows1.bmp
  • rpos_infowindows1a.bmp
  • rpos_inventory1.bmp
  • rpos_inventory1a.bmp
  • rpos_itemcontainer1.bmp
  • rpos_itemcontainer1a.bmp
  • rpos_itemcontainer2.bmp
  • rpos_itemcontainer2a.bmp
  • rpos_options.bmp
  • rpos_optionsa.bmp
  • rpos_outfitter.bmp
  • rpos_outfittera.bmp
  • rpos_playertrade1.bmp
  • rpos_playertrade1a.bmp
  • rpos_playertrade2.bmp
  • rpos_playertrade2a.bmp
  • rpos_processor1.bmp
  • rpos_processor1a.bmp
  • rpos_processor2.bmp
  • rpos_processor2a.bmp
  • rpos_skills1.bmp
  • rpos_skills1a.bmp
  • rpos_skills2.bmp
  • rpos_skills2a.bmp
  • rpos_skills3.bmp
  • rpos_skills3a.bmp
  • rpos_termsys1.bmp
  • rpos_termsys1a.bmp
  • rpos_tradewindow1.bmp
  • rpos_tradewindow1a.bmp
  • rpos_vehicle1.bmp
  • rpos_vehicle1a.bmp
Any further modification of Neocron 2 client files is still strictly forbidden and will be punished respectively within the scope of our terms of service.

Any modifications made to the Neocron 2 R.P.O.S are performed at your own risk. Reakktor Media GmbH takes no responsibility for any modified R.P.O.S. files or possible damage to the PC resulting from the installation of these files. Additionally no customer support will be granted concerning said modifications. Furthermore, we recommend that you do not install modified R.P.O.S. packages from other users without prior examination for viruses, trojans and malware.

Recovery of client files after the update through an official Neocron 2 patch
On updates of the Neocron 2 client files due to an official Neocron 2 patch, it may happen that a client with modified R.P.O.S. files is no longer executable upon changes having been made by the Reakktor Media Development Team to the R.P.O.S. files. In this case we will offer altered R.P.O.S. files for download. These new R.P.O.S files have to be copied into the respective folder and can be modified again afterwards at one’s convenience. Basically we recommend creating a backup copy of the existing Neocron 2 client files to prevent a possible reinstallation of the game.

Submission of modified R.P.O.S. packages for the publishing on the Neocron 2 product site
Specifically modified R.P.O.S. packages can be submitted by e-mail ( in the form of RAR or ZIP archives. After examination, these packets will be published on the Neocron 2 product site. The publication of unapproved modified R.P.O.S. files or packages on the official forum is not permitted and will be punished as a breach of the forums’ terms of service. For discussion purposes a special subsection will be arranged in the player guide section of the official forum.

Creation of tutorials and how-tos for the modification of R.P.O.S. files
Inside the discussion subsection of the player guide forum, tutorials and how-tos for the creation of modified R.P.O.S. files can be published. Within this scope it is also permitted to publish screenshots of modified Neocron 2 H.U.D.s for presentation purposes.

Further information about the modification of Neocron 2 R.P.O.S files can be found in the respective subsection of the player guide section in the official Neocron 2 forum.