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    Default Wasteland Hunter's Journal

    Character - Steve Irwin

    WARNING this is not a joke in any way, good or bad taste. This is a serious character in game and he has a purpose. Think of this as more homage to the man than anything else.

    22 may 2727

    I was grown within the vats of MC5. Why I was created, I was not told. I ran out of MC5 and vanished into Doy. There I ran into Fallen Angels, and thusly I have joined that Faction.

    24 may 2727

    Over the past two days I was taught about what happened to earth since my death. Everyone I know, gone. No records of them anywhere, except for what was stored in my mind. My dna.

    Being a man of adventure, I realised that family life would never be for me in this new world, so, I set out to begin hunting trophies. Having no environmental laws placed on animals out in the world, I could finally hunt animals for real, and not worry about the reprocusions of killing them will do to the environment. I also realsied new earth has no environment to speak of. I was given a list of the most adventurous critters to hunt, and after picking up my rifles made for me by fellow Fallen Angels, I set out to hunt the creatures.

    CRITTER # 1 - Big Black Roach

    I set off from Fallen Angels HQ. Big Black Roach, I was told, is one of the faster critters one could hunt. Could my hands steady enough to rack one as a trophy? Wish me luck, as this is my first time out in DoY hunting anything. First time in 700 years hunting anything really....

    25 may 2797

    I found my first quary. Located in Abandoned Secotr 10, I found a level 4 sewer pasted to the ground. Inside I found the Big Black Roach immediately, but regretably, I also found mutants. I cannot go any further until I located some ways of mending my wounds... Off to various vendors to see what I could find!
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