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    Default Ceres Handgun BHG-9 & Assault Rifle CAR-47 Quest

    Mission 1 - Missing in Action - Part One
    Corporal Lines seems quite manic and will not stop harping on about Mutant Parasites. Maybe you can calm him down if you kill a few of these Parasites.
    Talk to Corporal Lines to start the mission.
    Kill 20 Genotoxic Parasites.
    Tip: After each kill - you should get a message telling you how many you have left.
    Talk to Corporal Lines again and listen to him rant about his team dying.
    Find the Corpse of Private Johannson and search her body to retreive her Personal Log.
    Tip: She should be the second corpse you find on your way through Regant's.
    Return the log to Corporal Lines. Four Genotoxic Crawlers will spawn - Kill them and talk to Lines again.
    Tip: He does not actually take the logs and they are useless after you use them.

    Mission 2 - Missing in Action - Part Two
    Corporal Lines still seems to be somewhat deranged. He isn't much of a help this way. He mentioned Master Sergeant Boyle who might have information on the Mercs' mission-target. Locate the Master Sergeant... or whatever is left of him.
    Talk to Corporal Lines to start this mission.
    Find the corpse of Sergeant Boyle and retreive her personal log. Return it to Corporal Lines.
    Find the corpse of Kowalski and retreive his log. Return it to Corporal Lines.
    Go to the High Security Detention Area and kill the Genotoxic Nightmare and get the keycard it drops.
    Tip: The High Security Detention Area is at the end of the Regant Dungeon Zone.
    Once you have the keycard, head to the High Security Storage Box at the far end, opposite the entrance of the High Security Detention Area, and open it to obtain the Ceres Disc Container.
    - Return to Corporal Lines and he'll ramble something about Tech Haven. This ends Mission 2.

    Mission 3 - 'Wisdom of Ceres' - Bringing it to life
    Gather the rare ores Thorianit, Huttonit, Calkiothorit and Mo************t - Gallaway needs them, and of course a little money, to construct the weapons for you. Where to get the ore? In a mine most likely!
    For this mission, carry with you: 150,000nc
    Talk to Technician Gallaway in TECH HAVEN SEC-2. Tell him you'll get the parts he needs.
    Tip: He is on the side with the Medical Vendors and Barkeepers.
    Go to the Gaya Mine entrance in F_13.
    At the second to last level of the Gaya Mines - Mining Facility 2, find Ore Extraction Terminals #1 thru #4 and obtain the chemicals needed from them.
    Tip: You must Activate, Deactivate, and Empty them all in order to obtain the chemicals needed.
    Return to Gallaway with the Ore and 150k. He will give you a Ceres Pistol and Rifle with random slots.

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