So, HIOB mentions Regant is with the mutants. Has anyone on Terra actually seen this supposed reborn Regant?
If it really is regant, then that raises some interesting questions. Generally, I would prefer to see our once great ldear Regant in power than the current Cityadmin or the potential Twighlight Guardian, who seem even worse. But the fact that he is working with these mutants who have tried to starve or poison us all means it seems necesssary to question his benevolance, and perhaps the history books that tell us Regant was NC's greatest leader. Of course, it could just be an imposter, or a robot or construct, like the returned Finster of Protopharm.
Opinions, other runners? Because it seems as ever that the corporations and the millitary are unprepared to do anything about it. Once again it will probably be us runners, the odd-job men of society to protect the citizens and get the job done.