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    Talking Looking to buy techs parts


    I want to buy or trade for the following Techs parts

    CP - Ray of God
    OP - Judge
    CP - Slasher
    CP - Ray of God
    OP - Ravager
    HP - Ravager
    FP - Cursed Soul
    OP - Moon Striker
    FP - Doom Beammer
    OP - Devils Grace
    ATP - Holy Lightning
    ATP - Holy Thunderstorm
    FP - Holy Firestorm
    OP - Holy Firestorm
    HP - Obliterator
    CP - Crhan Catharsis

    Hope you have any we can trade for
    I have lots to trade to or can pay you with money

    Have fun

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    Default Hi

    Do you have a list of rare parts you have for sale?

    I am interested in any Tank Cannon rares, and any PPU rares

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