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Violence in Via Rosso

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Last night the Neocronicle received many reports of fire fights in Via Rosso 2. According to these reports the hostility between Tangent Technologies and BioTech has flared up again leading to violence between security staff of both corporations. In addition to injuries sustained by members of these security teams, Runners have also been hurt in the cross fire. A number of Runners who were caught out by the fight even had to be revived via GenRep, after getting involved in the combat.

Historically the relationship between the neighbouring factions has never been a friendly one, but after a period of neutrality during the height of the Dome War, it seems the two have now fallen back to their hatred of the past.

The Neocronicle has reached out to both parties for a statement regarding the recent violence, however at this time neither corporation has responded. According to a Runner at the scene both factions will shoot any hostile factions on sight to protect their position in this conflict.

The violence reached such a height last night that the City Administration had to deploy STORMbots into the area to regain control of the sector. During the violence a number of Runner clans descended into the fray to engage in combat.

We advise all Runners to avoid the area, especially those who may still harbour long-standing grudges against the two Via Rosso-based corporate giants. While a cease fire was called after negotiations with City Administration, we suspect the hostilities in Via Rosso are not quite over.

We will have more from our reporters who were on the scene soon, stay tuned!

Jake Davies
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  1. Deus Ex Machina's Avatar
    Oh yes, that was quite a conflict there. I bet Tangent had a Spy in Biotech that stole something important or sabotaged a project, thats why Biotech retaliated - and maybe tried to get their data back.

    Since it has been some time: Are there still other reports coming up, or have they been delayed by the Editor?