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Anti-Tsunami Alliance Strikes Again

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Late Saturday evening breaking news reached our office of a huge strike against the Tsunami Syndicate clan Rockshore Surf Club by a spontaneous alliance of the clans; Last Generation (City Administration), Retired Extremely Dangerous (Black Dragon) and 17th CityMercs Platoon (City Mercs).

Acute investigations of our war correspondents and valuable information from our informants have revealed the following background information.

We have been lead to believe Rockshore Surf Club intervened in a fight between R.E.D. and LG at Krupp outpost last Saturday. The expected fraternization between the two Anti City factions surprisingly didn't happen and RSC opened fire against the soldiers from City Administration as well as the fighters of Black Dragon.

Under which condition an alliance was forged between the merciless enemy clans R.E.D. and LG is still unknown. After the incident at Krupp a joint strike force of these two clans fought their way through the Wastelands and attacked and occupied outposts owned by RSC. The alliance was also supported by mercenaries from the 17th CityMercs Platoon.

The exact details of the contract with City Mercs remain unknown. It is said, that at least part of the payment is the handover of Rockshore outpost to City Mercs.

This strange alliance allowed these clans to move their troops far into the North on Saturday, their ultimate goal of driving the Surf Club from the Wastes could not be reached until Sunday night.

Particularly notable were battles at Jankins Lab and Rockshore Factory. The exact count of combatants involved remains unknown to our war correspondents due to their huge numbers. These numbers were bolstered by RSC being supported by clan Infected and runners without clan allegiance.

If the Tsunami Syndicate is beaten permanently and if the alliance can prevail has yet to be proven. At the time of going to press neither pictures nor video material have reached the office.

We will of course bring you further news on this situation as it reaches us.

AJ West
Matt Bunker



  1. ancient's Avatar
    We smashed ALL of you at Jenkins. TRololol
  2. ancient's Avatar
    P.S. Infected have nothing to do with us, they are KOS afaik!
  3. ancient's Avatar
    ^^ Typical misinformed media ...