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HEW Releases Updated Drones

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Recent rumors about impending changes to the weaponized Drone line by HEW Industries have been confirmed as the latest model combat drones have hit the market earlier this week.

Mrs. Taylor Gibbons, Public Relations Manager of HEW Industries, was gracious enough to answer my questions as to which changes were made, and why.

"We've been receiving complaints over the past few years about various aspects of our combat drone line, and we have spent millions into figuring out safe solutions to these issues as quickly as possible. We want our newly designed drones to meet all the requirements asked by us in whatever industrial or military needs our drones help to fulfill.

We received many complaints that the BeD (Brain-Eye-Drone ) connection was giving the user an extreme amount of kick back when a connected drone suffers any kind of serious damage. Our main concern was from the search and rescue teams who scour the Outzones for people stuck within collapsed housing. While these searches are conducted, many drones suffer debris damage and the amount of feedback to the user, while searching for these trapped citizens, was unacceptable for the mission.

Another major complaint was from a few corporations who said that training new Riggers and Droners became problematic with our low level style combat drones. Issues with aiming correctly was the biggest problem.

To address these two issues, we had to improve the drone's aiming gyrostabilization controls and redesign the feedback buffering in the BeD housing units. These two changes help to improve both aiming and visual feedback while the drones are deployed for use.

Now to keep costs the same as before, we had to increase the physical size of many of our drones to accept these new changes. We hope that the beneficial fixes to our drone far out weight any inconvenience to our customers about the drone's increased size."

And there you have it, straight from the HEW's mouth.

So go out and support Neocron with these newly improved drones by purchasing them today.

...Run safe, Runners...

Xevitti del Mar


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