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Wowza :D

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So Patch Day, bitches :D Amazing. I have been in this community for 12 years as of next month. I've seen many patches come and go, one in particular come, go, and never return in any incarnation; but that is the past. This is a fresh new VOLUNTEER dev team who has painstakenly worked to deliver us from the brink of extinction last january to a new patch a meer 11 months later. That's saying something, folks.

Will it go without a hitch? Pfft...this is the intarwebz and this is a game don't make me laugh. Of course there will be problems. It is important that you report issues immediately, give us feedback immediately. Be involved! Be part of the community! :)

We love you guys and I hope you know that we do this for Neocron and we also do it for all of you!

Happy gaming!!!

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  1. nEo-1664's Avatar
    All I can say is awesomesauce!

    Pop's are up, new server, new PTS, new Volunteer DEV team, more communication from said DEV team, and most of all... a new patch!

    Lets hope it goes without a hitch, and the 2-day testing period goes smoothly, and NC finally gets its much needed Patch#175!

    (And many many many more to follow :P)
  2. kane's Avatar
    Language young lady!
  3. Riddle's Avatar
    So true great job team!